The Great Olm!

Do you have what it takes to kill The Great Olm?

Custom Auction System!

Buy and sell items with our best inclass auction house.

100+ Teleports!

Explore the world of Aries.

Full Inferno

OSRS emulated Inferno with waves and great rewards.

Welcome to Aries!

Welcome to Aries PS and thank you for checking us out! We have been in development for many months now and are at a stage where we feel like Aries is ready to provide you with hours of enjoyment. For anyone wondering, we are a custom framework with OSRS data and Pre EOC data. The main aspect of Aries is to provide instant PvM, PvP with flawless combat and tons of incentives to keep you grinding away for better incentives. We also provide a vast variety of skilling content, gambling minigames as well as all Ironman modes.

We hope to provide a thriving RSPS community for all RuneScape players to practice their skills whether it is Pking, PvMing, or Skilling. Aries is a place where competition is like no other and no matter what your play style is.

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Please be sure to update your Java to the latest version. Always insure you are running the latest version of our client with the latest cache by using our launcher to play everytime! Read more